They are a bit smelly, walk through their own food and water bowls, even messing in them as they go.
Their favourite trick is to stomp food into newspaper lining their box, tip over the water bowl, mix it all together adding a good helping of droppings, mash it all in, then tear up the resultant mess into strips and start making a nest! Apart from the mess they make, hedgehogs are nocturnal creatures and usually only appear at night when they think no one will be around. Another good reason for not keeping them as pets is because they are never happy in captivity and the stress it causes usually shortens their lives dramatically. When a hedgehog has to be kept in captivity for a while due to injuries etc. they have been known to give up hope and die for no other reason than their desperate need to be back in the wild.


Basically the answer is NO. Although, it does depend on what you mean by intelligent. Certainly they do not seem to have the powers of reasoning and can not be expected to solve problems etc. If a hedgehog does manage to overcome a particular difficulty it is probably the result of trial and error but the solution is unlikely to be learned, remembered and used again. On the other hand, they do seem to have a reasonably good memory for places and will often find their way back to certain places even after they have been away for several months.


Yes, they inherit them from their mothers in the nest but hedgehog fleas are very different to those sometimes found on dogs or cats. Hedgehog fleas only live on hedgehogs. They like the cool open environment of the coarse and widely spaced spines where it can run fast. If it finds itself in the dense, warm coat of a cat or cat, it immediately knows it's in the wrong place and drops off to wait for another hedgehog. The same goes for hedgehog fleas that get onto humans, they do not stay long before leaving to find a proper host. If they are a nuisance, you should lightly dust with Johnsons RID-MITE or similar powder suitable for use on cage birds.
DO NOT spray or treat with anything intended for flea control on domestic pets, IT WILL KILL THE HEDGEHOG.